6 thoughts on “Congrats kj!”

        1. Yea, we rolled on up at around 7ish, because dankaye and I both had some stuff for work that held us back, and we got out of detroit around 5pm. They were just about to leave and we caught them and talked for 10 minutes or so. Was fun, and glad we were able to see them, but I guess we were both used to the sort of receptions that carry on until the early am and were hoping it would be going on for at least 3 hours so we could see everyone, but alas, this was on a sunday night πŸ™

          1. Yeah, their wedding and reception was nice but pretty small scale. Sorry we missed you though. I kept looking around going "man, Dan said he'd be here…"

            We went up to the Meijer in Sandusky (US250 north of Rt 2) and almost could have still seen you before we headed back East. Oh well.

            See you at Notacon πŸ™‚

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