Government class

Got a 94 on the exam. 4 questions wrong. Was sorta disappointing. (making my grand total of questions answered incorrectly the entire class: 6)

Anyway, I still passed with flying colors. Final grade: A

9 thoughts on “Government class”

    1. I wish I had the mental stamina to sit and write my two overdue papers for US history before the end of the term. It's a few weeks away for that class, so with my new found spare time, I guess I have no excuse. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. heh.
        i used to love all of my law/gov't classes….
        AND i used to love history classes.

        if it weren't so damn expensive, i think i'd go back JUST for those classes — not to get a degree or anything… just to go to those classes.


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