8 thoughts on “Beginning November 14, 1988 In Oakland County…”

      1. That's actually hanging up above the bank of mailboxes at my new place of residence. You can check it out when you visit.

        Apparently, Paul got bored while I was moving boxes up the stairs last night.

  1. Re: I know this is off topic

    mplayer and mencoder. You can probably get them on your mac with fink, but the syntax is commandline based, and arcane, to put it lightly.

  2. Re: I know this is off topic

    Sweet. I targeted it for I wanna say SVCD format, so that DVD player should have been very pleased with its encoding. It's mpeg2 at 25 frames per second, mp3 audio. MPEG container. Sweet stuff.

    Glad it works out for you 🙂

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