14 thoughts on “Happy Field Day”

          1. No way, he's not some damn hippie. Pikachu just lacks dietary enzymes to process meat. He likes tasting it from time to time though.

  1. I'm just curious why Pikachu is wearing his/your Notacon 3 speaker's credential to field day? Wouldn't brandishing his ham license make more sense?

    1. well, he's always wearing it.

      And since the early '90s you haven't had to carry a copy of your license on your person. Mine's in a file folder in my filing cabinet marked "ham radio stuff".

      1. Ah, I'm not familiar enough with the ham stuff and sorta assumed it was like CPL, where it was a good idea to be credentialed up all the time.

        1. In the days of police scanner restrictions in motor vehicles (licensed hams only), it was always a good idea. Nowadays (this is in the last year or less) not so much. The FCC doesn't field audit your license, they just send you a letter saying "we got a complaint, please knock it off".

          Technically, you don't even need to have ever posessed your license. You can operate the minute your call appears in the universal licensing system online ( http://www.fcc.gov/wtb/uls/ ). It's very common for newly minted hams to search ULS daily for their call, and use it the minute they find it. 🙂

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