10 thoughts on “Why is this on the first floor of a building?”

  1. It's a trap put in place by Operation Mindfuck, an Alien conspiracy which likes to consume charred human flesh. In case of a fire, they get all the "simple" humans into the basement where they'll burn to death, then they can swap the bodies with identifiable replacement synthetic bodies, and dine undisturbed by the Illuminati.

  2. Good question. The Stupid People might see that sign and flee up the staris in the event of a fire. It will be up to the certified *cough* Red Cross volunteers *cough* (you) *cough* to go and fetch them.

    1. lol. If I were a volunteer rather than just trained… If only I had time I would be.

      But ultimately that's what firefighters are for. I honestly think it's to chase them into the server colocation area, which has dry pipe sprinklers right over the battery bus. Good times.

      1. Firefighter, shmirefighters….the next disaster deployment has your name written all over it. I'm calling them an telling them to send you in the first wave. You'll be armed with a cell phone and a chainsaw (because what more would you need?).

          1. Now you're talking!

            And while the people are being led from the burning building, you can check your email on the company's network…you'll have time and nobody will ever know 😉

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