14 thoughts on “Why I love my watch”

      1. while that's cool and all, I found limited use for it myself. Seeing as how nearly everyone else in the world isn't synced up, having perfect time means little beyond knowing you have perfect time.

        1. it's useful when reviewing logs.

          And for when you want to know PRECISELY how late you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ (which is what I use it for most)

          1. I am in IRC. I'm just not actively participating in the conversation. Burned out from a week of hard work, just kickin back and watching some tivo.

            lol @ late

          2. on a more serious note about the late thing, when you have one time, the bus has another, and every clock in the building reads a different time….accuracy to the nano-second really starts to lose it's usefulness, lol.

            as for the IRC, I was asking for opinions on the Yaesu FT-530 dual band HT, looking at picking one up off craigslist.

          3. I've never hated any yaesu I've held in my hand. I don't know about that specific model.

            But ooh, 5 watts of transmit power, that's sweet.

        1. Given the level of intentional manipulation to the navstar system that would require, and careful synchronization of a sudden time change to prevent the entire system from falling apart, knocking out thousands of telecommunications circuits and other things, I can feel pretty secure in my knowledge that the feed from the GPS satellites is accurate.

    1. it also only displays 24 hour time when viewing the time in GMT as shown above, per my settings. I can hit a button, and see synced time in GMT for looking at logs.

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