20 thoughts on “Our Internet Connection For The Evening”

    1. haha, I have evdo on my phone. But without a reliable internet connection, my home phone reroutes to my cell, so I wouldn't be able to get any phonecalls at all if I used it as my primary connection.

          1. Wait…you're saying that you don't have a hot spare sitting around someplace? Dude, you loaned me a DSL modem while I was waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. What happened to that old tank of a Westell?

          2. All I'm sayin is I had dialup backup ready to rock, and reconfiguring my network to do pppoe was extra effort.

  1. egads!! that takes a real trooper to endure that harshness.

    on the other side of that coin, I had half expected you to have an elaborate antenna rigged on your roof to pick up stray wifi signals from the neighborhood as a backup.

      1. i am sure you could get one of the neighbors to agree that "in the unlikely event of a network outage, it is groovy for paul to piggy back", or whatever tickles their fancy.

        aye, but is free Merit really worth the hassle? *hairball*

          1. i figured as much. i just had to take a stab at Merit. (I found some documentation with their name on it in my filing cabinet the other day which was from a 1997 NANOG meeting). sorry.

    1. haha, and I'm sharing it with my servers and as well.

      It's brought us closer together too, as there are plenty of ways to kill time while pages download.

  2. Re: Is it?

    I love USR modems. They're rock solid.

    broadband is pretty cheap these days. Who is your local phone provider?

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