With all due respect to my truck driving (and/or insurance company) friends:

Fuck you, random truck driver. Fuck you for buying the cheap tires, for not checking tread depth, and finally for not picking up the pieces of tire you left when they shredded themselves all to shit pretty much all over westbound 696.

Fuck you for the piece large enough to strike my gas tank and press it up into the underbody of my car, smashing the connectors off my fuel pump. Fuck you for it being in the middle of the lane.

Fuck you for the $576 after parts and labor that it is going to cost to replace my fuel pump, my fuel filter (optional, but while they were working on it might as well), and a long needed oil change. Fuck you more for that being *after* my 15% AAA discount.

Oh, and Fuck you to my insurance company (not my agent, but the company itself!) for saying that if I claimed this on my insurance, it would be an "At fault collision" because I collided with an inanimate object. I hope every last one of you motherfuckers hit a shredded tire on the freeway on your way home. See how "out of control of your vehicle" you are after that.

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  1. often times tires that are nearly new will fail, it can be a high quality tire with lots of tread and will fail, our tires will often fail from hitting other peoples shred, and we do inspect these things, I check mine every 150-200 miles, but still.. if you have a trailer tires, or sometimes even a driver tire fail, you wont even notice.

  2. Fuck You, random four wheeler driver, who decided not to check his mirror before merging into my $123,000 truck, doing $7300 in damage, of which I have to pay $2000, just to get the truck to look like it did before you hit it.

    ..And fuck you for driving off and not stopping like you should have…

    And double fuck you for having one of those smoked license plate covers so I couldn't get your plate number and SUE YOUR ASS FOR YOUR NEGLIGENT BEHAVIOR.

    Works both ways, man.

  3. Oh, and furthermore…

    If the fucking four wheelers would slow the fuck down and pay fucking attention to what they're doing, a truck driver might be more inclined to go back and clean up his mess.

    As it is, there's no FUCKING WAY I'd even THINK about venturing out onto 696 to drag tire flak off the road if I blew a tire.. I'd get nailed before I ever got off the shoulder of the road.

    Ain't No Way.

    1. hey, I hear that. I'm just pissed because I sure as shit can't get away with leaving tires all over the interstate, but I'm hitting truck tires damn near every day. I think the state police is fucking negligent too for not redirecting traffic and getting MDOT to get that shit off the freeway.

    2. Isn't there a way you can report a blown tire to the local authorities for cleanup, or does that subject the driver to some sort of liability? I don't blame the truckdriver for not cleaning up a tire so much as I do for not getting SOMEONE to clean it up. I have personally called 911 at least 5 times in the last year to report large road debris, and they seemed happy to take my reports. (Especially the one I reported 2 years ago when someone lost a fucking clothes dresser(!) in the middle of M59 during rush hour).

    1. If it happened in front of me I would have. The debris was there for some time it appears, and I was boxed in on the interstate in flowing traffic so I couldn't swerve around it (not that my minivan is by any means nimble in such feats)

  4. Interesting Defense/Offense

    What of claiming the incident as "An Act of God." It was God who caused the incident, etc….then if they disagree, then start shouting arabic and calling them infidels or baptists. lol

    Interesting case to try–> sue God. I have yet to ever see God appear in court. By default, you would win due to defendant not appearing. If he did, you could withdraw your case.

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