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I was on my way to a customer site. I got stuck in traffic, and subsequently almost ran out of gas. I arrive 30 minutes late, the customer's pissed, and I get all my gear in to find out?

I left my fucking USB->serial dongle at the office. Who thought it was a good idea to remove serial ports from modern machines again? ASKDJFLKJ@#$LKJ#$KJ#@P($*@#*$"AFSDFasdfasdf0989sa08f

Then I get stuck in further traffic after hearing static from my boss and the customer both.

I'll be lucky if the gas station downtown didn't just sell my credit card number to the highest bidder. Last time I used a card downtown, someone ordered a synthesizer on it a few days later, delivered to an abandoned house downtown. Not my card, not my charge, not my problem, fortunately. But ugh.

Anyway, another randomness:

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  1. Your Own Personal Opinion

    I'm really not that big of a Manson fan. He's more of a persona–and not a very bright one at that–than he is an artist.

    Now, if you replaced their hold music with Johnny Cash's cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" that'd be even funnier, IMHO. That'd definitely be a 10 on the Humorometer scale.

    1. Re: Your Own Personal Opinion

      It's the persona that's important here. Otherwise I'd just use the original.

      Manson isn't great, but he's well hated by the televangelists and talking heads who claim to represent religion who were using him as an example of what is wrong with our culture for years.

      Have you heard Manson's cover of this song though? If I had to choose one person to do that cover, it would have been him, mostly because of his persona (and love of strong beats)

      1. Re: Your Own Personal Opinion

        Yes, but here's the thing about Johnny Cash: quite a few fundies actually like him. When they hear his version of "Your Own, Personal Jesus." they'll know that you're mocking them. In contrast, when they hear Manson, they're just going to hang up the phone and pray that Satan and the Angel of Death passes their house by…not necessarily in that order.

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