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      1. Yes I have a reasoned response.

        Birthdays are something that make each person unique. I personally like it that there's a "holiday" every year where I am the focus of attention for just one day. Lumping everyone's birthday together diminishes the individuality of what a birthday is. It also, quite frankly smacks of socialist social engineering, particularly in the sense of trying to strip people of their individuality, and impose a more collectivist mindset on the population.

        What good is a "birthday" that doesn't accurately represent the day you were born on?

        1. There are people born on holidays where they are NOT the focus of attention. This would not really strip people of their identity so much as create another federal holiday. Nobody's stopping you from celebrating your birthday whenever you choose, however you choose it.

          But even in our friends group, your birthday is not unique or individual. πŸ™‚

          On the last question: Ask Jesus. He apparently rolls with it just fine. πŸ™‚

          1. Correct, my birthday is not unique or individual, but to paraphrase a famous Marine haiku:

            This is my birthday,
            there are many like it,
            but this one is mine.

            How about this, once I'm dead, the rest of you can celebrate my birthday on whatever day you like as well. Or not; your choice.

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