How to vote

I don't care how you vote, as long as you vote.

But I want you to do one more thing.

If a candidate is running unopposed, write in "Paul G Timmins" and vote for it.

I don't care what it is. County water commissioner, so be it!

I'm just curious whether my name will appear anywhere if 10 or so people write me in.

And if you don't want to vote for any of the gubernatorial candidates, I'd happily accept your vote. 🙂

More randomness

I was on my way to a customer site. I got stuck in traffic, and subsequently almost ran out of gas. I arrive 30 minutes late, the customer's pissed, and I get all my gear in to find out?

I left my fucking USB->serial dongle at the office. Who thought it was a good idea to remove serial ports from modern machines again? ASKDJFLKJ@#$LKJ#$KJ#@P($*@#*$"AFSDFasdfasdf0989sa08f

Then I get stuck in further traffic after hearing static from my boss and the customer both.

I'll be lucky if the gas station downtown didn't just sell my credit card number to the highest bidder. Last time I used a card downtown, someone ordered a synthesizer on it a few days later, delivered to an abandoned house downtown. Not my card, not my charge, not my problem, fortunately. But ugh.

Anyway, another randomness:

More crazy stuff happens at work.

I come home, steal candy from the witch haunting my front porch, work on a telcodata interface that uses jabber, and watch my house DVDs with becky.

Life is good. I needed to unwind. I did it.

I should have taken the above picture with a tripod. That would have involved me not being lazy. 5 megapixels doesn't help laziness. I didn't want to use a flash because it undid the effects dark has on cheap haloween makeup (ie making it not look lame, but instead awesome)