Crazies at the store

Okay, so we were in meijer buying foodings for tonight. We're making homemade pizzas. Awesome!

Anyway so this 40-50 year old lady comes up to us and says that we should stock up on water.

I'm like "umm, why?"

"Well you know all the heroin users in troy? Well, I talked to levin and he's calling in the US military to stop the drug problem, and to keep an eye on all the arabs in detroit. Due to al-qaida."

"umm, what?"

"yea, so get water" *walks away*

So okay that chick's just crazy. I mention it to the cashier. She's like "OH THAT LADY YEA she's here like 3-4 times a day and she's nice and all, she's always compliementing me and stuff but OH MAN IS SHE NUTS"

So yea anyway I thought it was hilarious. Happy Saturday!

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