I don't know why I bother reporting bugs if people simply expect me to be their test lab.


I simply inform others to beware that asterisk has a retarded lack of defaults that WILL fuck your asterisk server if someone is permitted to record a 2GB WAV file in any way shape or form. And they won't submit the bugfix because I won't be their goddamn test lab.

Not my loss. I know the workaround. And personally I could care less if anyone else uses the software. It gives *me* a competitive advantage.

The sad thing is, there are plenty of other things in asterisk like this where they expect the reporter to carry the entire burden. Read the notes on this. They wanted me to do all sorts of crazy shit when the issue and fix were fucking obvious. fuck them.

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    1. autodialers do it all the time because they're written stupidly. Usually at that time I had been booting them off as I saw them but this happened over a weekend.

  1. I don't why we're going to bother putting in umpteen months of work into creating a software package that will be released free of charge, only to have people bitch and moan that some obscure part of an older release that only a tiny fraction of users will ever see doesn't work correctly.

    My question to you, WHAT THE FUCK are you doing allowing people to create such ungodly large voicemails in the first place?

    1. There's a 2 line patch a guy wrote in 5 minutes.

      The second problem is they never set a sane default. Usually the config files show a default or note there isn't one. The voicemail one did not. But there's a config entry you can set anyway, despite it not being in the sample, which in general contains every possible option commented out so you can uncommment and change as you desire.

      PS: Asterisk does generate tons of income for digium. They make their money selling hardware (for T1 lines and POTS lines) and asterisk is simply their open source software to interface with that software. If the software sucks, nobody would want their hardware. They also don't want to be seen having such amateur bugs in the code, because that will make people question the reliability of the software as a whole.

      And it was an autodialer that called a customer's voicemail for 2 days straight. Constantly repeating the same message over and over into the voicemail, presumably something retarded like "press 1 to continue, press 2 to be removed from our list"

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