Blah, I'm sharing my crappy attitude with all of you today.

I'm bored, tired, and feel like warmed poop.

I was so bored I wrote a SIP implementation (in perl(!)) that can connect to a server, make a phone call, and then starts up its own RTP processor that simply echos back everything the callee says. Becky and I were using it to make funny noises at each other. We're mature like that.

But I had my first real-world use for the fork() system call. yay!

Yea, so I have a cold and am running a fever. I've been feeling it since 25 Dec. It sucks.

Tomorrow I have a site install. It's gonna be fun if my coworker is still ill (different sickness) and I feel like this. And by fun I mean "suck". And I can't loop the SJ on the customer site in fucking Clio, so Friday's install could be … fun… But I accepted the circuit earlier when I could loop it, so maybe at least now I can fire up ebond and open up my first ever DS1 TT. yay.

Work is still awesome though. I bitch about my job but I'd never take a moment of it back.

In exchange for hearing me rant, I give you a picture of my niece reading a book. It's cute and will make you smile.

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