Damn the USPS (or, Wow, my assets are cold!)

Again, my stupid postal dude didn't properly deliver my registered mail. Evidently, I missed some critical stuff. Like say, a notice of intent to levy and right to hearing.

So I got a letter today notifying me that the IRS has frozen my bank accounts and is seeking to collect armloads of cash from me.

Fortunately, I called my bank and my accounts hadn't yet been frozen so I got on the horn to the IRS, who notified me that all they have to do is TRY to send it registered mail, and that's good enough (which seems like absolute bullshit to me, I have been served better for piddly shit like the old apartments trying to sue me because I broke my lease with them (they were slumlords, see posts back in 2001 for details). The amount they wanted is less than the IRS wants (which is an amount in the low 4 digits). But I can't even get served by affixing the notice to my house? Stupid IRS. I hate them. So instead I get no notice whatsoever.

Anyway, I am TOTALLY reaming out my postmaster tomorrow. This is the 5th time I've complained about this. I don't think I should stop this time until I get confirmation that I have a new carrier. This is absolute bullshit. The guy consistently delivers mail to us that isn't ours (it's for the guy down the street with a dissimilar address and name), only puts those "we missed you" cards in my box half the time for oversized shit (and NEVER tries to knock on the door, I know because there's someone here at all times), and about 1% of the time, they'll deliver at most a card saying I have to go to the post office to get registered mail (none of it recently, for the record, being from the IRS, and I generally go retrieve the mailings when I do get the card).

And as an aside, the IRS has gotten decidedly less lame about things like automatic drafts on my checking account. I've been asking them to do that for years because I'll lose a stub or forget a check, then they'll insist I catch up by sending everything at once, or terminate the payment agreement and then start sending me increasingly ominous letters for the next year until they generally then start sending me angrier stuff in registered form, which I may or may not get). Now, they'll actually just take it from me and that's that. It never made sense to me that they could garnish my wages or levy my bank accounts, but couldn't do a simple electronic draft against it. I know they're different things, but it's so damn illogical.

Anyway rant mode off.

(and in case you missed it, the IRS and I are friends again. No worries that they're gonna come take my car or sell my wife into the sex trade or anything nasty like that)

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