Two things that make me feel old:

* There's a 90's alternative station on sirius now. The fact they've now created a station for a decade I spent my teen years in and graduated high school in has now nominated me for old person status.
* (because it will be blatantly obvious soon) I'm going to be a Dad in September. Yes, it's deliberate, and yes, I'm excited about it. πŸ™‚

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  1. * First thing… yeah, you're old. I'm working my way there shortly.
    * Congratulations to you and ! That's exciting. You should get one of those Indiana Jones hats for him/her. Make the hat project span generations.

  2. Re: Congrats


    Though honestly we're both allergic to cigars so we'll just tip an extra bottle of mountain dew or something. πŸ™‚

  3. Dude.


    Offspring = new Offspring (Paul, Becky);


    Guess it's time to start pre-qualifying properties for DSL in order to buy them, eh?

    1. Woo! It is indeed time to start considering places to live.

      I'm currently working to clear out the house in order to pass the safety inspection, then once I pass that, the goal is to start considering purchasing a house.

      I wonder if I'll be permitted to do a move order with my T1. That'd be even easier.

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