13 thoughts on “T1 over barbed wire, Anything But Ethernet 2007”

  1. Congratulations!

    Mad props on your winning Anything But Ethernet. Like I said at Notacon 4, now has the solution for extending his network to his barn.

    1. Re: Congratulations!

      Unless it's raining. It is of course not suitable for long haul transport, at least uninsulated as it currently is. πŸ™‚

    1. Due to the way ethernet cable has been pushed over the years, people have started to think that the only cable one can use for any sort of data at all is category 5. I see people going through extra effort to put DSL over cat 5, things like that. It's unnecessary. T1 was designed to run over cotton insulated, wax impregnated, lead jacketed copper wire. I've had PBX techs insist up and down that my category 3 jumper wire "isn't good enough for T1". That's a ludicrous statement and I now have demonstrated such.

      The significance is to break expectations. I don't think it would work well over distances exceeding 100 feet or so, but at the distances I separated it there was minimal crosstalk and the circuit took no errors during a 6 hour timespan I spent monitoring it. The sheer number of people who are stunned this is possible speaks for itself.

  2. Next year, SCSI over slinky!

    or perhaps not. It might be interesting just how much abuse SATA can take before giving up the ghost though πŸ™‚ MUCH easier than findng 68 slinkies.

    1. Re: Next year, SCSI over slinky!

      You, with the evil ideas… Hope to see you next year at ABE, sorta. If your stuff works it will definitely beat mine.

  3. Re: Congratulations!

    they increase the length of the circuit but I think they should otherwise be okay, as long as the taps are properly maintained.

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