At least 3 people on the intarblags have dropped my name today. I think that is a sign that I should be saying something (maybe?).

+ I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend
– I am not looking forward to going to flint tomorrow. But that means the end of a huge time consuming launch for a customer.
– Fuck Cisco* IP phones in their whiny, bitchy, crappy little asshole.
+ Big things are happening at work. Can't talk about them.
– Aforementioned things are probably going to result in me being even busier than I am, if that's even possible.
+ Minion #2 (my full time minion rather than #1, who is supposed to be my part time minion but due to staffing issues spends 99.999% of his time in the call center instead of learning cool shit from me) may be starting soon. That will alleviate a lot of this crazy busy shit. And if they can resolve those staffing issues I get more time with #1 too. I want him to spend his time on IT. Monitoring free space on the fileserver is crucial but not something I should be spending time doing. (not that I am, which is half the problem anyway) If you can keep track of all that crap I just said, bravo. If not, comment for clarification.
+ It appears my rental passed inspection finally. I still have somewhere to stay until I buy a place. Yay!

+ This weekend I will be mostly lounging around and enjoying life. Time off, sweet, glorious time off.
– Unnamed provider is doing crazy upgrades of their switch on Saturday morning. Maybe it won't be so glorious and so off afterall. Who knows?

* when I say Cisco, I mean the original Cisco. Not the legacy sipura stuff. I loves me some sipura.

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  1. It's something many local cities like to do to make sure you're not living in a place run by a slumlord. It's more common in heavily populated areas.

    But the basics of it is they check to make sure the place is up to code, and usually check to make sure you're not storing things within 6 inches of the heater, that things are properly caulked in the shower, that you aren't blocking doors with crap (fire code), that you have a working smoke detector, that you don't have dripping faucets, shit like that.

    And if it fails, your landlord loses their license, and your ass has to move, and quickly. They give them chances to fix it, and we were on our 4th attempt as is. It's mutually beneficial if it passes, and you're both up shit creek if it fails.

    1. yeah my apartment would have never passed anything like that. In all the years I lived there the only time something was done was when I did it at my own expense and then when the landlord found out he'd raise my rent because it was a nicer place now, he saw nothing wrong with plaster falling off the walls and ceilings due to water damage.

      Home ownership is great in the respect of being able to have nice things.

  2. Re: Message from Mom

    it's actually the actual screen you see if you try to see something the government doesn't want you to see when you're in the united arab emirates.

    It is of course modified so if you click something you get me, rather than them, but that's the only modification at all made to it.

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