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Subject: Will someone please think of the adults!

Whiny Busybodies – not owners of the broadcast airwaves – have been fed-up for years with the networks using those airwaves to broadcast sexually indecent, violent, and profane content into our homes.

Last year Congress, responding to the overwhelming need to get votes from conservative whiners, authorized the FCC to impose meaningful, punitive fines. This week the will of Congress was subverted by a Court of Appeals ruling that essentially gutted the authority of the FCC to keep the broadcast airwaves free of indecent and profane content and cleared the way for television networks to use the F-word and S-word in front of children at any time of the day.


I am outraged by these people trying to be parents of everyone, as you should be. I urge you in the strongest possible terms to express your support for the Court's continued, vigorous enforcement of the First Amendment.

Television is profoundly influential in the lives of innocent young children. It affects their perceptions, their world-view, their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. It is also a sad reality that parents allow their children to spend more time with the television than at any other activity except sleep.

But huge mega-conglomerates aren’t going to be concerned about how the programming they are putting on TV influences these impressionable youngsters. They are only going to be looking at their profit margins. That's what I'd expect. If people didn't want to see it, it wouldn't be profitable.

I believe the two judges on the Second Circuit Court are right, and subverting the tools of PTC and its more than one million members, I am urging the FCC to appeal this case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Hopefully the high court will agree that this truly is a 1st amendment issue.

Please consider what is truly in the public’s best interest.

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