Computer Desks were moved,
Fireworks were enjoyed,
Delivery of Washing Machine Of Doom (TM) scheduled for Tuesday,
Rebooting of servers was done,
Laundry was done at old house, and moved,
Majority of acoustic tiles in basement now removed,
Floors were swept,
New (to this house, I bought it in the old one) thermostat is installed and working,
We sleep now.

Also, if all goes well I should be saving almost the amount of my difference in payment per month in this house in utility bills. Between my deliberate purchasing of only high efficiency energy star appliances, and better flow through ventilation, and more powerful AC unit (so it can actually cool the place properly, and then shut OFF rather than run 24/7, which means my thermostat can actually do its energy saving job), it seems to be going quite well as of now.

At least in the summer. In the winter, God only knows how well this converted oil burning furnace that is original with the house will work, I know its efficiency is pretty poor. I hope it fails in a "doesn't kill me or blow up my house" sort of way such that the home warranty dudes will replace the damn thing. Meh.

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