Midweek status update…

* Site install
* Other work accomplishments involving traffic rerouting without affecting calls in progress. We're re-architecting things during hours, in safe and prudent ways.
* Moved more cubic feet of crap. Kitchen beginning to look empty. Livingroom and Bedroom are partially empty. If we move all clothes (which we will do when we get a delivery date for our washer) the house will be significantly more empty.

In process (being shipped):
* End Table
* CD/DVD rack
* Clothes washer (a very, very nice clothes washer indeed! yay for home depot sales with no interest for 12 months!)
* Kitchen Table to match our chairs, end table, CD/DVD rack, and tv tables

* Get quote for all desired electrical work ($1k, awaiting details via email)
* Add NID (completed today)

Need to order:
* Dryer

Need to do:
* Mow lawn at old place and move mower here
* Remove rest of acoustic tile in basement
* Prepare floor in basement corner so rack can be bolted to it
* Rekey garage side door
* Get replacement remote for garage door opener
* Get spool of cat 5e for cable runs,RJ-48 jacks, fish tape, wall plates
* Rewire utility room to add permanent light (trivial), add proper outlet to washer and dryer area rather than half assed nonsense currently installed. Will require approximately 20 feet of 12-2 + ground
* Move out of current house, scrub floor to ceiling, shampoo carpets (DD 07-15-2007)

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