Damn, another busy week…

Yea, it's mostly work. That's my life guys. 😛

+ Second DS3 card on switch at work. Yay for extra redundancy, extra capacity, and card diversity for critical circuits.
+ DS3 mux in a colo. Yay for super cheap transport and facilities.
+ Major moving operations are complete. This weekend I will take a shovel to the remaining trash, vacuum and steam clean.
+ Cerent! This weekend we'll also be hacking the password on one so I can make with the vt 1.5/DS1 cross connecty goodness.
+ 2007 Express Work Van. That's not a picture of ours, but ours does look just like that sans ladder rack. We're getting ladder racks, blinky lights, road cones, all that shit.
+ Hung out with this week, and ran into and hung out a bit too. Yay for almost having a social life!

-Locked out of cerent because the previous owner sold us the TCC+ cards without resetting the passwords. Grr. Password procedure involves plugging a cable made of unobtanium and level shifters onto the system board while it's booting and interrupting the vxworks bootloader. Good times.
– Need badly to get alignment fixed on our van.
– Fixed someone's laptop for them (swap failing hard disk with brand new model). Gave it to them. Drive crashed HARD 6 hours after they picked it up. God Damnit.

Overall mood: happy

5 thoughts on “Damn, another busy week…”

    1. Mad props to our new "ceo's assistant" dude for getting it on his first week. I applaud his decision as well. That thing sounds like a school bus when you drive it. I adore it. It's everything I wanted in a work van.

  1. message from mom

    Not wanting to add to your work load or over power your brain with pc stuff but…your sisters pc power supply seems to have died. Any idea of cost or can you find me one with the right info? I want her off my pc..LOL

    1. Re: message from mom

      How did you diagnose the power supply? Make sure the switch in the back of it is in the on position (Often power supplies have a switch on the back of them as well that if bumped off, won't work).

      Otherwise ATX power supplies, which is what you want, 300 watt should be good enough for her computer… They're anywhere from $20-$45 depending on the kind of inventory your local computer stores may carry. Ask for a basic 300 watt ATX power supply – not some sort of gaming type. Many people will try to upsell you because they're morons, 300 watts is all you need.

      If you want to buy online, here's one for $12 from a reputable source.

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