A day of technological victories!

guys I wrote the most useful kernel driver in the world today
pichu:/home/paul/build/pika# modinfo pika.ko
filename: pika.ko
license: GPL
description: Pikachu /proc/pokemon/pikachu driver
author: Pikachu, pikachu@pokemon.com
vermagic: 2.6.22-3-686 SMP mod_unload 686
pichu:/home/paul/build/pika# cat /proc/pokemon/pikachu

I also wrote a back office conversion/accounts receivable conversion script so I can electronically deposit checks sent to me for consulting gigs. Hooray? I had to modify a perl library, and I sent in diffs for my changes to the author.

also I cracked open my mac mini, upgrading it to 2gb of ram and a 200gb hdd for about $200. Pretty good deal!

4 thoughts on “A day of technological victories!”

    1. I agree. Problem I have is that I don't know how to bind to a character device yet. I just know how to create stuff in proc because it's easy. 🙂

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