we erected my wireless network APs on the roof tonight. 500mw @ 15db gain, 33 degree sector antennas.

They have penetration into a livingroom in a house 1100 feet away by air. The only reason their card can't connect is because it's transmitter stage is too weak.

There is now an approximately 1/4 mile radius around my house with free intarwebs if they want it, with native ipv6 connectivity.

I think my neighbors might just barely start to get an inkling of what is up when they eventually see those. When they see the other two APs and the dual polarized 2 meter beams I'm putting up later this spring/summer they're going to know for sure what's up.

But hammerdrill met my masonry and my house is now officially broken in with it's first major mod, at least if you don't count the nearly two grand I sunk into an electrician last year to basically overhaul this place.

Also another Paul Timmins first:

I did warroofing, which is using roof mounted access points to search for nearby open wireless networks. I found 38 of them from the site survey app on the two panel antennas mounted on my roof.

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