1+1 Linear APS protection group? Check!
911 in all SBC Michigan territories? Check!
Trunking to all SBC Michigan territories? Check!
Over 24 hours of battery plant? Check!

Now off to redefining telecommunications in Michigan.

(To the non geeks, all this crap means all the work I've put into building a facilities network since last July has come to fruition. Finally.)

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    1. SBC Michigan, f/k/a Ameritech Michigan, f/k/a Michigan Bell. I can never remember what to call them anymore. Hell, our interconnection agreements and tariffs can't agree.

  1. Way off-topic but when did irc.cwru.edu die? I've been leaving irssi to try to reconnect for the last couple of days because I can't remember the name of the other server that can reach mi2600.. ๐Ÿ™

  2. DWDM? Check!

    Hey Paul. I just happened to notice you run telcodata! It's pretty funny because we've spoken quite a few times for work purposes. I work for a CLEC out of Grand Rapids. I'm sure we'll talk again as I think you turned up quite a few muxed DS3s recently. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Re: DWDM? Check!

      lol, only one company knows my buildout levels. I think we have talked a number of times recently. hahaha. Good to see you. Are you on livejournal?

      1. Re: DWDM? Check!

        I used to have a livejournal a few years ago. Back in my college days. Not even sure what the login is anymore. I'll look in my old emails. I should start it back up.

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