Okay so when I was at work becky got Defend Your Castle for the wii (it's downloadable in the wii store)

Becky said she was having problems beating level 7. She went to take a shower. This was 8:30pm.

She got out, and I was still playing.

11:45 my arm got sore and i was wanting the dinner that was sitting right next to me. Without dying once, I got to level 40. Then my arm got sore and I got beat. I rested, played it one more time, and beat level 41.


So that's how I spent my friday night. Playing a goofy game where you kill stick figures with a bread twist thingus. At least I wasn't throwing my life away doing something unproductive.

2 thoughts on “guys!”

  1. Sounds like me last night. We had the nieces and nephews over yesterday. We were going to go to the Zoo, but it was raining after we already spent an hour on the road (they live in Musk.) so I broke down and picked up Garage Band. I was up till about 3A playing drums 🙂

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