Posting more than once a month!

Things done since the last post:

* Bonfire at brad and laura's.

* Migrated our network to have its numbers directly through our own facilities rather than through an intermediate carrier. We're now fully provider independent on the phone side, relying on no 3rd party to port numbers or make or receive calls in MI. Woo. This involved porting several thousand telephone numbers. Good times.

* Watched the debates with friends.

* Went to the Obama rally downtown. Got a lot of great pictures of secret service agents on rooftops. I've got Guy that stands up completely, Two guys on the really tall building, peeking over the roofline, The "wow, those are huge fucking binoculars" guy. Here is a good picture of Joe Biden, and here's a picture of the TSA people who ran the metal detectors, protecting the candidate from any stray outside food or beverages (at first I thought it was a ploy to force you to use the local vendors, until I found there were no vendors in the sterile zone (!)). They also took my wire cutters I forgot I was carrying, not that I blame them for that one at least. I've also got pictures of a huge contingent of Detroit's finest, though they were far less amused with my photography * than you are now, probably. ๐Ÿ™‚
* (Look at that officer's face. He's clearly Not Amused (TM) )

* Last night we all went to a local establishment and consumed alcohol. Good times were had.

Courtesy of W8TVI's temporarily stolen (by me) cameraphone, here's photographic evidence of my continued existence:

I could use my own cameraphone, or any of my many cameras or image taking devices, but what's the fun in that?

No progress on the 1+1=3 front, but the project has at last passed doctoral muster once again. Becky gave her endocrinologist the boot after long last (In my opinion, the last one was a totally unqualified fucker and probably should find a different specialty), and found a new one that was previously part of the last one's practice, until she was evidently fed up with his shit, and started her own (across the parking lot, amusingly). She seems to actually monitor her sugars and stuff, between appointments, rather than just asking for ballpark averages and adjusting her insulin every 3 months, should he schedule the appointments that often. So hooray for that!


2 thoughts on “Posting more than once a month!”

  1. Why are they using TSA agents for Secret Service duties? You wouldn't use nuclear plant inspectors from the DoE to check over airplanes for the FAA.
    I think the next "surge" of any troops to some global terrorist hotspot should be a couple legions of TSA "officers".

    1. I agree with your last sentence. At least then, we'd be rid of their stinking presence in the airports.

      In other news of note to the terrorists, whenever Obama is in town, the nearest airport is most definitely a target of opportunity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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