Got my arm worked on again. There were two pockets of infection that hadn't worked their way out. They drained them with a scalpel and a syringe, and now I get darvocet and augmentin. Good times.

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  1. Reminds me of the time I got cellulitis from a minor wound. Given that it was made in a nasty factory environment and taken care of by a clown cadre of medical fuckups (Am I sure it's not the other leg? No! It's this leg! The one I am pointing to! The one that is twice the size of the other leg, red and hot to the touch!) I am very lucky that they didn't wind up operating like the doctor at the hospital was about ready to do. Since the accident happened at work, they told me they would handle it all. It's amazing how such a minor thing can turn into something so threatening.

    Be careful with that stuff. But then, I'm sure you know that.

    1. mine was from an infected hair follicle. It left a rather pronounced red spot. I didn't have to explain anything. I walked into the er, they said how can we help you today and I held up my arm, pointed at it, and said "I don't think this is normal" and they were like "oh shit. let's get you over to this part of the hospital right away."

      1. Yep, same with me. When the idiots in the medical department gave up, they sent me to the local hospital. I think at one point the intern checking me in said "oh shit" when he saw what was going on. After that, it was a long time in a ER reclining chair with an IV. The doctor scared the fuck out of me when he said there was a chance they would have to operate. It amazed me how such a small scratch could turn into such a threatening thing. I'm glad to hear you're being well cared for.

        1. Between Becky's insistence that I not be half assed about caring for my wound, my desire to not die, and the fine staff at beaumont hospital and my primary care physician's office I think I'll be just fine. 😀

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