On March 31, at 10:00pm exactly, Becky's Mom passed away. We spent the 26th to the 1st in West Michigan spending all our time at the Holland Hospice. I don't know if any of you have spent time watching family members die, but it's not the best process in the world, as one would expect. You get interesting materials that basically describe the exact step by step process that a person goes through while in the process of dying. It's kinda surreal. I'll have to post that stuff sometime.

Anyway, obviously it was a sad time. We're doing okay, generally having a week to prepare yourself for the moment makes it a lot easier to come to terms with and cope. It doesn't take away the pain but that's to be expected. We'll miss you, mom.

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  1. unfortunately I'm somewhat of the subject matter expert on this..
    A few weeks prior to my moms death, a hospice nurse gave me a small book on the process of death. At the time I was too young to accept the obvious reality, as I was still clinging onto hope. Receiving a "process of death" booklet while your mom was still conscious and fairly lucid in the next room, was extremely offensive and almost an aggressive act. I can't even put the feelings to words. At the time nobody had told me what hospice was and what they did. I was naive enough to think they were standard care nurses, and things could improve, etc. Imagine my SHOCK and surprise when they didn't..

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