Craft Herpes

So today Becky was trying to make some sensory bottles (as featured on MamaOT's blog here). I attempted to provide assistance in my usual ways, contributing useful advice like 'the easiest way to remove the label is WD-40, don't waste your time with scrubbers and soap, that won't work, you need a solvent'. And then material assistance in spraying them down with WD-40 outdoors. (insert regrets for opening my fat mouth here).

So when we got home tonight, Becky showed me an attempt at an earlier bottle showing the glue and glitter (or as it's known around here, "craft herpes" as it is easily spread, and tends to leave a very obvious visible sign of infection, and is incurable/irremovable). It had clumped together in this horrid goopy ball. As I'm in "problem solver" mode, rather than simply share the feeling of failure and reassure her that "next time it'll go right", I leapt into action doing what anyone would do, trying to break up the clump. After shaking it like a madman, I opened the lid and jammed my finger into the bottle.

Now, if you're sane, you're thinking "WHY IN GOD'S NAME DID YOU JAM YOUR FINGER INTO A WATER BOTTLE FULL OF GLITTER AND GLUE?". And if you know me, the answer is of course "Because Paul".

And when my finger ended up glued inside the neck of the bottle, because well, glue, I did what any normal person would do under the circumstances – panic and try to get my finger out by any means necessary. Which, because Paul, ends up meaning "covering myself, and my laptop in sticky glitter".

Then when trying to figure out the mystery of why ours was less awesome than the OT's bottles, I asked Becky to hand me the glue to make my own attempt. It too clumped (though I did not yet put in glitter). That's when I saw the glue – "Craft Glue"… "Waterproof"…. Water and hydrophobic glue don't mix. And of course, because I poured it out into the sink, there was a huge glob of hardening glue stuck to the sink. I managed to get a majority of that cleaned up, at least, and thankfully it didn't go down the drain.

2 thoughts on “Craft Herpes”

  1. Oh no! Thanks for linking to my post. Unfortunately you're right, waterproof glue will clump in water. Be sure to check the original post I linked to for the exact ingredients, especially HOT water. I made mine with hot water, a whole big bottle of glitter glue from Michael's craft store, and additional glitter of a different color for a two-toned effect. I couldn't find the appropriate clear glue, so I improvised. Best of luck with future attempts, and I hope you are able to eventually get rid of the craft herpes around your house 🙂

    1. Today's attempt with tacky glue rather than water resistant glue of course worked much better! The glue we used was identical to that in the original post. No idea where my wife got it. She has a superpower of making goods and food appear in our house while I'm at work, and making money disappear from our bank account.

      I found your blog via Reinventing Mommy, and I've already signed up for the email alerts.

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