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Becky, cute as always here

, being a crazy mofo as usual. here

Becky recently got her first bank account. This is truly the first time she's ever taken me to dinner where the money spent was truly hers in every sense of the word. here

My desk at work. Confidential data is scribbled out with white blobs. If you had the data I have here, and signed the things I signed, you'd do it too. here

"My other car is yellow too!" Now, I have nothing against yellow, or yellow cars, but bragging about it like this is totally dumb looking. here

Found the site of our local National Weather Service bureau. This is one of the cooler pictures. This is their radar installation. here

My office has a beautiful view at sunrise. here

Ever seen a house that is like 10 feet off the ground? here
I'd say that I think this was a normal house moving thing, but the house and area look abandoned.

I hate it when I leave my fucking access cards at home. It wouldn't matter if I worked the day shift, since the receptionist doors unlock on a timer from 9-5, but when you work basically 3rd shift, it friggin sucks.

On the other hand, I can happily assure the IT Security guy that his motion sensor setup is hard to fool, even with the bizarre things I had on hand (like a 4 1/2' rubber coated steel cable).

Ahh well, thank god for tech support coming in at 7. Thanks D, I owe you one. :->

Anyone else here think the rock world has simply stagnated lately? The same songs that were on the billboard top 20 in September of last year are still there now. Where's all the new music already?
I mean, this stuff's great and all, but it's getting old. I'm starting to have to look toward the hip-hop scene to hear anything new these days. Even that stuff's pretty old too.


I just found out that one of my phone lines had its long distance account terminated in January, and theoretically has had no long distance service since that date.

However, I've used it off and on for a few months now (it's a third phone line) and had no issues until a few days ago when it started getting intercepted with an announcement with an 800 number in it.

I wonder where the hell the billing records for this line went during that time….