4 thoughts on “Clever parody, don't be offended if you actually took this quiz.”

  1. To all those who don't get paul's attempt to create a parody (which he din't get all his facts straight)… its against the CARP. Who wants to charge WebCasters $0.0014 (0.14 Cents) Per song per listener. Originally the DiMA(Digital Media Assoc.) offered to pay $0.0015 (0.15 cents) per listener per hour (which paul did a horrible job and put $0.15 (15 Cents/hour/user)

    It was funny, per say, but paul, get your facts straight ;]

        1. I couldn't find the Cent key and putting a C looks stupid. Anyway, you know it might as well be $0.15 per song per listener because either way it's outrageous for internet radio.

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