05/27/2002 11:42 AM – FROM: bargainland-liquidation
you under estimate this cmpany. For one where it says new and complete, it also says in front of it APPEARS that means that it is clearly a speculation. If you didn't read the first time buyer ad before you placed your bid that is your fault not mine. Have a nice day Thanks Jeffrey L.
05/27/2002 12:25 PM – FROM: paul@timmins.net
Speculation? Speculation? You fucking knew it was broke before you auctioned it.

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  1. Report him to EBay or wherever that is, or the Better Business Bureau. In the USA you can't sell shit with false advertising. As in he said it was something, and it was ok. Not it's broken and it's not really 'something' it's the peices of 'something'. He deserves to get shit for it. Let him have it. Fucker. That bastard shouldn't get away with that crap.

    1. Reporting him to eBay is what I'm in the process of doing. They have a thing you have to go through first where you argue with them like it will make a difference or something.

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