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05/27/2002 09:22 AM – FROM: bargainland-liquidation
Everyone wants to play the game, but it seems as if no ne want to lose. this was a liquidated auction you agreed to all our terms by bidding on this auction there for you have no case and this is the ending of this conversation. Thanks Jeffrey L.
05/27/2002 11:06 AM – FROM:
I'm sorry, I missed the part where this is somehow a game. What dictionary do you use where "new and complete" and "the contents are O.K." means "The item is not new, or complete, and the contents are damaged" Your terms and conditions are null and void in this sense, the contract was nullified by fraud. Ever heard of something called "bad faith"? No? Didn't think so. Might want to ask a lawyer about it. Did you ever mention a jurisdiction in your terms and conditions? No? Did you even consult a lawyer prior to creating your strange and probably unenforceable terms and conditions? No? What makes you think you even have ground to stand on here?

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