[12:42] xxxxxxxxxxx: my ap is like blinking
[12:42] xxxxxxxxxxx: ones working on it
[12:42] noweb4u2: hahahahah
[12:42] noweb4u2: hahahahahaha
[12:42] xxxxxxxxxxx: like all 3 lights
[12:42] xxxxxxxxxxx: :]
[12:42] noweb4u2: hahahahhahahah
[12:42] noweb4u2: ahahahah
[12:42] noweb4u2: so you noticed
[12:42] noweb4u2: I 0wned your shit
[12:42] xxxxxxxxxxx: hah, you know the password
[12:42] xxxxxxxxxxx: what did you do to it?
[12:43] noweb4u2: told it to blink all the lights

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  1. ;] this was after i just upgraded the firmware to, i think that was one of the new options, that and i was pressed for time getting ready for wiz0rk ;]

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