Is pizza free as in beer, free as in speech, or both?

So I am sitting here eating free pizza, and I wonder. I know it's free as in beer, but is it free as in speech?
Then I thought:

  • It's free to disassemble
  • The recipe is everywhere
  • You can freely modify it and distribute it
  • You can create derivative works
  • You can't keep pizza to yourself. Take it to a party if you think you can….

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Is pizza free as in beer, free as in speech, or both?”

  1. free pizza is free when you steal it….

    so, this stupid dominoes down the street from us sends us a coupon: 1 free medium pizza. we phone them up, tell them we have a coupon for the pizza, and get a 2L of coke also. delivery guy comes, we pay him the $2 for the coke, and he leaves – without the coupon. so we try again, once a day, for like 3 weeks. so much free pizza. it got to the point where we didnt want pizza any more. thats just wrong…

    1. haha. This was free as in an email at work saying "The team building committee would like to remind you that it is the third wednesday of the month, and as such, it is Pizza day in the Detroit office. It will arrive at 12 noon in the Old confrence room. Enjoy!"

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