Hey zer0, remember how you were like "Oh, you can't get mobile aim on a nextel, and can't do sms, like on these AT&T phones"?

Yea, so I called nextel today. Turns out the dumbass that set it up did it wrong. I now have two way messaging, and Nextel changed their plans yesterday for web. Apparently now, with the $10 a month datathing, you get mobile aim. Not shitty sms mobile aim either, it's a whole application thing on the phone. Even on my i700. Plus you can do MSN messenger too. eeeewwwww.


Get one now, damnit.

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  1. c'mon….. people always swerve out of your way when you inadvertantly hop lanes cause you're vhemently conversing with someone on aim. and that was even when i was driving my little blue honda.


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