My god…

I just found my first usenet post. It was a troll.
But hey, I was 14, and it was a different internet back then. It was different to be a troll.
Here it is. I was a pretty fucked up guy back then.

Honestly, I think me joining this group via the email gateway to usenet is what killed my bbs at the time. I recieved about 300 messages in response to this post privately. 🙁

I regret it, but it sure as hell was funny back then.

God, those were different days. My 300 baud modem sucked back then even, but it wasn't totally disrespected.

4 thoughts on “My god…”

    1. damn right. We were making the bling bling, chillin in our shiny cars back then, We were fly, on the top of our world.

      The internet was our toy.

    1. Other than it was to sunmanagers, one of the largest newsgroups on the internet at the time.

      This was back when a T1 was badass shit. Like the backbone was comprised of T3s. This message probably used a measurable part of worldwide internet bandwidth at the time I posted it.

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