Better living through chemistry…

All legal chemicals too, I assure you.

Anyway, I've been a pretty productive mofo today.
– tried to fix my brakes this morning, find out that my security lugnuts are all rounded out and the key is damaged.
+ belle tire said they'd replace all the nuts with normal ones for free. Since I don't think anyone really goes "damn, I was gonna steal his tires off that old beaten up taurus, but he's got those security lugnuts. crafty fellow" and they were just some dumb factory option, I was down with that. besides, I needed to replace the passenger front tire today anyway, so I happily obliged
– found out my two back tires (the only remaining "not brand spanking new" tires) were bad. the drivers side has a flat spot in the tread (big whoop, comparitively) and the passenger side had belts shooting out the sidewall, so not being made of money, I chose to replace both of the passenger side tires.
+ replaced my brakes. I don't have this feeling of impending death driving my car anymore (I have pictures, and they're shocking, I just need to get them off my camera. I'll do it at work)
– my brakes are still a little squashy. I think I need to do the rear set at my earliest convenience.
+ canceled my unneeded ISDN ISP service, I will miss that ISP, but I don't need them anymore.
+ added the new POTS line at the apartment to my long distance account, removed the ISDN line.
+ my car doesn't shake like a mofo anymore. If I can get everything out of my apartment by the weekend, I might go visit my parents. Anyone want to help me move not big items thursday and friday? (Bring a car and an appetite. Becky will be making various homemade mexican food to feed those who assist me. I'm specifically looking in the direction of and , as they are both known to like free food, and be capable of carrying things. :-> )
– I wanted to use my laptop on the can, and I find out that my battery is officially toast. the machine won't power up with the battery installed. Time to hit ebay. I borrowed back my good, IBM official AC adapter that works reliably. my laptop is not very mobile until I rectify the battery situation.

Oh, and the chemicals? Caffine and Wellbutrin. Every now and then I get these periods where I don't take the wellbutrin, and I become a lazy motherfucker that doesn't want to do anything. Ugh. I gotta stop doing that.

Still to do:
Terminate Ameritech ISDN service to the old apartment
Move the rest of my shit
Spackle the holes in the walls at the old place from the whiteboard, motion detectors, etc.
Wash the walls at the old place
Inform them I'm moving (oops, remember what I said about being a lazy bastard that doesn't want to do anything)
Order caller ID on the new line, so my "auto dialin/normal phone line based on originating number" grand plan actually works.
File a change of address for Becky (actually, just acquire a new form. Filing it's her problem, per Federal law ;-> )
Get a few quotes on new front wheel bearings and tie rods.
Monkey with my spark plugs until I can get a new set and install it. This providing I find a way to access them.

Oh, and I have scheduled sleep from 12pm tomorrow until 8-9 pm. Anyone encroaching on this scheduled "downtime" is gonna pay.

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