It just doesn't stop

This morning I have:
– waited over an hour on hold with "the new HP" to get warranty replacement parts for a proliant at work
+ the parts are coming. I love how they are pretty no-nonsense about everything. The request took maybe 5-7 minutes once they answered
+ changed my address with nextel
+ hopefully I will have my phone fixed under warranty (I somehow, in some bizarre way, managed to break the antenna on the i700 plus.)
– I called Ameritech to shut off my ISDN service, and forgot the billing number. Now I have to wait until I go home…
+ I celebrate as I write this message that somehow, Ameritech listed my billing number in the phone book, rather than either of the bearer channels that can actually recieve telephone calls.
+ Just disconnected the ISDN service. w00t. No more billing to that, and the referral is to my cell phone, if they configured the referral right ๐Ÿ˜‰
+- I can get the i700 cell phone fixed, I have to either go to a service center, or they'll pick it up and fix and return it, but that takes 2 days.

Sorry if that all sounded a bit incoherent, it was a running log.

Now for a funny chat session on yahoo. Some chick randomly messaged me:
[08:11] hastizie21: hi…. ๐Ÿ™‚ you there?
[08:11] rabid_tiger: depends. who is this?
[08:12] hastizie21: i have a few pics on my site.. im not ugly.. dont you wanna chat???
[08:12] rabid_tiger: no. not really.


I can't wait until the 12pm-8pm "maintainance window" occurs. I'm tired.

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