We ended up going to Ohio to eat at a dennys outside of toledo yesterday. It didn't start out that way, but ended up that way. Roadtrips fucking rock.
We hit the ohio border, and zer0 goes insane and starts screaming about how he wants pancakes.
So we got zer0 pancakes.
Yea, friggin crazy. Zer0 was almost hitting on the server. She was leet.

Thank god for mapquest+nextel service. w00t.

Now for Saturday's roadtrip. That's gonna 0wn.

Don't forget to add the following interests to your journal if you are in the Detroit area.
947 (What is this? It's an overlay code for oakland county that's not in effect yet. Let's just say it's 0-day. πŸ˜› )

Why? If you don't know, don't add them. πŸ˜‰

My god…

I just found my first usenet post. It was a troll.
But hey, I was 14, and it was a different internet back then. It was different to be a troll.
Here it is. I was a pretty fucked up guy back then.

Honestly, I think me joining this group via the email gateway to usenet is what killed my bbs at the time. I recieved about 300 messages in response to this post privately. πŸ™

I regret it, but it sure as hell was funny back then.

God, those were different days. My 300 baud modem sucked back then even, but it wasn't totally disrespected.

Hey zer0, remember how you were like "Oh, you can't get mobile aim on a nextel, and can't do sms, like on these AT&T phones"?

Yea, so I called nextel today. Turns out the dumbass that set it up did it wrong. I now have two way messaging, and Nextel changed their plans yesterday for web. Apparently now, with the $10 a month datathing, you get mobile aim. Not shitty sms mobile aim either, it's a whole application thing on the phone. Even on my i700. Plus you can do MSN messenger too. eeeewwwww.


Get one now, damnit.

I am currently in the lookout for a lawyer who has knowledge of landlord-tenant law in the state of michigan. I need one to write a scary letter threatening to sue to break the lease with no penalties because I have plumbing that has been in a horriffic state of repair for quite a while, and despite being notified a million times, has done nothing.

The cheaper the better. I have a feeling they will cave, since this is the second time I've been in a state of disrepair with a major problem where they didn't fix it for almost a month. They have no legal standing in this case. They're been in the wrong far too many times.

I just want out of my lease. Getting my security deposit back would be a bonus.