Another reason I love my ISP…

My bill's late. Yea, no surprise, seems to be SOP for me lately. This bill is actually paid indirectly by my office, so have somewhat of an excuse that if they dont pay me, I can't pay the bill. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I guess my account lapsed, and rather than just drop loop on the DSL and let me figure out what happened, they did something clever:
Redirect all port 80 http requests to their billing server, with a message saying that my bill is past due, and letting me pay it online with my credit card.
Which would be cool if I had the cash.

I called the 800 number listed right there on the page, told them that my work would be paying me the expense check next monday, and tappity tap tap on their end and my internet was working again. He's like "ok, anything else?" I said: "Wait, that's all the explaination you need?" "Sure, we trust our customers here."
wow. What an awesome company. Between their contests, their understanding tech support, and their reliable service, I'd go without internet rather than choose any other provider. I've never been treated this way by an ISP before.

If you're looking for a DSL ISP for professionals, speakeasy is it. They're a bit more pricey than you could find elsewhere, but with that price comes some of the best customer service I've ever seen, anywhere. (Well, other than the mexican restaraunt across the street, but ya know.)

If you end up signing up, tell them noweb4u sent you. The referral bonus doesn't come into play in my recommendation, but it would be appreciated. πŸ™‚

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