I've decided I'm going to use my $50 at amazon to enhance my DVD collection.
Since I can't write polls:

Cheapbastard Poll #9488

	I've got a $50 amazon.com Gift Certificate. What DVDs should I buy with it?

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From: "Tami Bernstein"
Subject: You're a Speakeasy Customer Survey Winner!

Thank you for participating in Speakeasy's Customer Survey. Your feedback
has been extremely valuable.

We are pleased to announce that your name has been selected to receive a $50
gift certificate to Amazon.com. Congratulations!

You will receive your prize via email directly from Amazon within the next
48 hours. The email will contain instructions on how to redeem your $50 gift
certificate. It may be used to purchase products from Amazon's online
catalog found here: http://www.amazon.com.

Please reply to this email with any questions or concerns. Thanks again for
sharing your thoughts!


Tami Bernstein
Marketing Program Administrator
phone: XXX-XXX-xxxx
fax: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Just to let everyone know, effective Monday my work hours change from 3am-11am to 6am-around 2pm. I'll be sleeping at night.

Not that it will matter much to most people, since I usually only hang out during the day anyway, but for those who are interested, I figure it'd be nice to know.


No polls or embedding LJ into my webpage for a while. My paid account just fully expired. I totally forgot about that, and now I don't have the free cash to blow on a paid account until next pay period. πŸ™

(If you're curious, this person peformed a dictionary search on my
database for each and every letter in the dictionary πŸ˜‰ )

From: Ward Mundy (ward_mundy@ca11.uscourts.gov)
To: noweb4u@telcodata.us
Subject: Thanks
Date: 18 Sep 2002 10:58:30 -0400

Before you read your log and have a heart attack that someone has ripped off all your data, I wanted to explain what I was doing. I work for the federal courts and I'm building an emergency SMS notification system so that judges and staff could be alerted in the event of a serious emergency (such as 9/11). In order to build something like this, I obviously needed to know not only the cell phone number of everyone (which we have) but also the cell phone provider. As you probably know, the hi-tech United States doesn't yet have transparent SMS services that most Europeans take for granted. In any case, I needed area codes, prefixes, and cell phone provider names to build my data base. Then all that's missing is email domains for each provider using SMS , e.g. Nextel uses messaging.nextel.com. When I get this finished, I'll be glad to shoot you a copy of the domains of all the providers I can find. It might be a piece of data you would want to consider adding to your already formidable data base down the road. Thanks for your wonderful web site!