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just ordered something over my phone via your WAP site today, and I was a bit disappointed with my experience today. I was poking around on my Nextel and decided to check out on my cell phone. I was looking at the 8 mile soundtracks, and I added one to my basket. I go to checkout, expecting to get a list of shipping options, and addresses on my account. Nope. I'm greeted with a message saying it's already been billed to my card, and being shipped. Now, I understand the issues with building a wap site, but even a simple "This will cause the order to be billed to your 1 click information and sent to the listed address, are you sure?" would be better than just doing it. That made me uncomfortable. I'll probably not order things on my phone again. Then I call the 800 number to see how it was shipped, and if my 1 click iinformation was accurate. I call, and it answers almost immediately, butthe CSR was very unhelpful, didn't seem to know what he was doing, or what was asking, and told me lies to get off the phone, specifically that my order was in progress, and it couldn't be changed, when I found it was going to my previous address. So, I then have to dig out my laptop, and data cable, and connect at 9600 bps to change my order so that I didn't waste time and money. This is when I find out that most of your important buttons don't contain ALT tags, and that I have serious problems navigating, as at 9600 bps, most of the graphics don't load, not surprisingly. I had to use visual cues as to what the buttons might say. At least I can do that, I have no idea how a blind person with screenreader software would use the site without ALT tags. Obviously it wouldn't matter to the majority of your customers, but it's a simple thing to add, and it's a great way to help those on slower connections, or to help the visually impaired.

I've published this on my website and LiveJournal too. I'm sure others will agree with what I have to say. 🙂
A normally satisfied amazon customer,
-Paul Timmins

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