Today… well what can I say about today? It kinda sucked.

* a script on our monitoring server at work died a day ago. I wasn't getting important alerts as a result.
* I thought my phone was coming today, but it wasn't.
* I got a "Bitch pay me" letter from the other complex. They want me to pay out the remainder of the lease. No, they violated the terms of the lease, they should deal with it. Assholes.
* I had problems paying for my gas from my debit card
* I then had problems signing on to the internet from the parking lot to see what was wrong with my banking.
* I ended up taking cash out from a non-network atm to cover the gas. Say hello to foreign atm fees.
* My allergies are worse today. Ugh.
* I accomplished a project. Found out some dumb terminals in Texas didn't like the project. Damn pieces of crap. I partially backed out to give the users access again.
* I went to micro center trying to pick up a PCI nic. I found one that didn't state linux compatability, so I asked micro center tech support if linux supported it. They suck. Their tech support is crap. Screw them with a posidrive screwdriver up the ass. I ended up getting my contract customer to purchase it anyway. Fortunately it worked.
* I got home, and found out what was going on with the bank. Fucking nextel double billed me for my phone AND the security deposit. I was overdrafted by 50 bucks.
* I got nextel and national city on the line and the problem was fixed within 10 minutes. I <3 national city. What an awesome bank. I could use my debit card to buy dinner finally. 🙂 * I bought dinner, and they were out of guacamole mix. We hacked something up, but it's just not the same. On the other hand, something that corrects everything: I AM ABOUT TO EAT ZESTY TWIRLS! HELL YES! w00t! That and my phone comes tomorrow for sure. yay for fedex 2 day express. No more broken antenna! I'm back home and have access to my lotion kleenex. Rock on! I can go to bed when I'm done eating. And yes, I found a post to make me laugh my ass off. I wrote this last year when I was working 3rd.

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  1. Yea. On the other hand as well, as zer0 always joked when he was trying to convice me to join them, they're like everywhere. It's always been a joke, because we'll be out in buttfuck nowhere, and there'll be like a kroger and a national city, only thing for like a mile, or something like that. It's alot funnier in context, because it always seems that they're there in the weirdest places when you're looking for one, but when you're trying to find one, they're never there. But they're a pretty nice bank, all together. I went into one, and tried to make a withdrawal, and because of some monkey games I was playing with cash availability, I had a balance of $860, with $0 cash available for withdrawal (in other words, a check for a grand was in the process of clearing, and I had already spent several hundred dollars of it). The teller made a serious offer to give me her lunch. "I've got a chicken sandwitch in the fridge, if you need this money to buy lunch". I reassured her I was carrying cash and it was alright, I just wanted to get a little better lunch, but I could definitely afford food. I mean, YMMV, but they've always been a real nice bank that steps aside of red tape as much as possible. I even managed to get a savings account despite being on a Chex Systems banking blacklist. The manager had the authority to look past it, rather than deny me point blank.

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