hehe. , and I got bored.
We're at a subway. I dialed up to the internet using my cellphone while I was standing in line to get my sub.
After here, we're going to Toledo, OH, just for the hell of it.

Maybe we'll get zer0 some pancakes and me some fries.

w00t, w00t indeed.

(16:04:33) noweb4u2: hehe im in line at a subway
(16:04:48) Karey88: cool..where ya going?
(16:04:51) noweb4u2: ohio
(16:04:58) Karey88: for lottery tickets?
(16:05:09) Karey88: out of vending machines?
(16:05:24) noweb4u2: hehe maybe
(16:05:41) Karey88: w00t 😀
(16:06:26) noweb4u2: yea, it's crazy. itszer0 me and ladymace were bored and said dude lets go to subway then ohio
(16:06:44) Karey88: i'm sure its better than being bored
(16:06:56) noweb4u2: now I'm sitting here waiting for the syrup to be changed at the pop machine
(16:06:59) noweb4u2: hehe yep
(16:07:11) noweb4u2: they also don't have a pop can deposit. Savages.
(16:07:21) Karey88: we don't have that either
(16:07:43) Karey88: you can smuggle illegal sodas back from ohio
(16:08:13) Karey88: and sell them for 5 cents under the going rate..slowly accumulate your wealth 5 cents at a time
(16:09:14) noweb4u2: itszer0 says "we'll build an empire"
(16:09:47) Karey88: illegal soda smugglers ..it'll be all mafia
(16:09:58) noweb4u2: muhaha
(16:10:12) Karey88: fo~get about it..
(16:10:18) noweb4u2: hehe

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    1. Yea, we were going to, but then we realized we were gonna get home late enough if we just went to toledo and that's it.
      I'm still drinking my weird "deposit, what's that?" bottle of mountain dew. I noticed something cool though:
      In michigan, our sales tax applies only to non-food items. So our pop may cost 10 cents more, but we get it all back. In ohio, we have to pay tax on the pop, and we don't get it back.

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