[noweb4u] see the telco people doesn't want to relinquish central control either. They want the switch to do everything. I mean they nailed up a circuit inthe switch to do my ISDN in waterford.
[noweb4u] they nailed it to a interconnect going to pontiac main, where the ISDN signalling was done
[xxxxxxxx] I don't think it's actually in the switch, that would be pretty silly.. cuz it would drop every time the SM reset.
[noweb4u] the 1a wasn't capable. They weren't gonna install ISDN repeaters every few thousand feet on the pair to pontiac main, I'm sure it was somewhere in the switch
[xxxxxxxx] It might be easier to do it there, in terms of getting it onto the interoffice trunk, because they might not have a 0/1 DACS on the appropriate line to do the add/drop.
[noweb4u] and you're also accusing Ameritech of doing The Right Thing(SM), which we all know they take offense to.
[xxxxxxxx] What I mean is, they probably run it over a d4 channel bank or something, back to Main. The nailed-up connection is in that /office/ but not in that /switch/
[noweb4u] maybe. Team data said what I said was right, but we all know what Team data is smoking.
[xxxxxxx] Who knows..
[noweb4u] It's ameritech, they probably hired a squirrel with a smartmedia strapped to it to run the distance from PNTCMIMN to PNTCMIWS to do the signalling for the D channel.
[xxxxxxxx] Wouldn't surprise me.. Budget cutbacks changed it to a shrew.
[noweb4u] hehe bearer channels are done with sloths
[noweb4u] They add acceptable latency by injecting it with cocaine
[noweb4u] "And this children, is how your call to grandma's house really works behind the scenes."

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