Nasty Joe Job

Yea. Fucking LJ or the client ate my last post about my spam problems.

Anyway, the statistics are as follows:
I'm using 15% CPU on a dual P2 450 doing DNS lookups for the mail relay.
I'm currently tracking 4400 connections on my edge filtering machine. I had to up its net.ipv4.ip_conntrack_max sysctl to 100,000 because the default of 16,384 was overflowing at points.

My mailserver's log is growing at the rate of 10k every 2 seconds.

in one minute I recieve approximately 1300 new connections to my SMTP port on the relay for
That's about 22 new connections every second.

My mailserver is still accepting new connections and delivering valid mail.

Ntop claims connections from 100 pages of unique systems. It looks like it puts somewhere between 25 and 50 hosts per page.

I can't believe I'm still alive from all this on the network, but I am. Thank god.

If I ever see a spammer on the street, it'll make the 6 o' clock news. I swear it.

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