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Telcodata changes to backend

Telcodata has been converted to InnoDB throughout tonight. It also has a slave replication going finally, so there can be hot backups of the database, should something bad ever happen to it. (There's nightly snapshots taken and spread around, but until now, nothing was replicating any more frequent than that).

We'll see how this affects perfomance tomorrow morning. 🙂 I've got my fingers crossed!

Voters Registration, Telcodata by Phone, Car crap

If you're in the state of Michigan, you should click here to verify your voters registration information is correct.
If it is not, proceed to the Secretary of State office and correct it, or bring your proper voters registration card to the polls. You have until October 2 to register.

In other news, I've got a beta version of "Telcodata by phone" going at 248-724-DATA. It's free, so have fun. There's also an open conference bridge at 248-724-2600 to play with for any purpose, any time. Let me know if you have ideas for improvement, or find any issues. You can email me at paul@telcodata.us, or just comment to this post.

And , your shipment goes in the mail tonight.

And today, I ran out of gas and got pulled over twice for an out headlight and a loud muffler. ugh. Some days are better than others.

As of 00:59 livejournal is stupidly broken in incredibly cool ways.

Telcodata gets a writeup in the press

I forgot to mention, one of Timmins Technologies, LLC's projects, Telcodata.US, recieved a writeup in ISP-Planet last month.


Telco Data Goes Open Source

It's not a movement; it's an individual. One person is building a website containing the basic information ISPs need in day-to-day operations that the Bells make tough to find.
by Alex Goldman
ISP-Planet Managing Editor
[April 29, 2004]

By day, Paul Timmins is a networking a security engineer for a small- to mid-sized software company (150 employees). But when he goes home, he enters the mysterious universe of telco language. Isn't that like work too?

No. Not for someone whose hobbies include Ham radio and open source software.

Thought that was pretty cool.

God this song rocks…

Annnnyyyywayyy… I created a mirror of my telco site on my equally as good connected (if not better), but much faster machines at my apartment. I think I'm going to put a freeze on improvements in the data mining on my old site and just do the cool stuff here. Hell, I think I'll just do a redirect to here.


This works a hell of alot faster because not only the webserver is faster, but the database is on a seperate server and it is faster too. Information on every prefix owned by a verizon company (all 22,000 + ) only takes 45 seconds on this server, as opposed to my webserver on the main site, which takes about 3-4 minutes at best.