The following people have made this weekend own so far:

  • The faithful crew of
  • J at work
  • Doctor B
  • The fine folks at nokia and t-mobile for making a phone and phone service that lets me SSH from a device I can also take photos with, and remain connnected even on the hard streets of downtown detroit.
  • with his mentally stimulating discussions.

Hopefully I will post an amended list tomorrow. That is all.

PS: My car's muffler fell off on friday, making hellacious noises. Tonight it was replaced, and it runs almost silent, as far as I'm concerned. Quietest '83 I've ever heard. My prayers also go out to a friend who shall remain nameless, he needs them at the moment.

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's biggest mobile telco, has successfully tested 1Gbps transmission speeds using 4G (fourth-generation) technology in outdoor experiments, taking 4G a step nearer to use in mobile phones, the company said Friday.

In experiments conducted in May, the technology worked at up to 400 metres, according to Miki Nakajima, a DoCoMo spokeswoman.

While the company demonstrated 1Gbps transmission speeds with an earlier version of the same technology last August, that was in the lab, so the latest experiments show the technology is a step nearer to practical usage, she said.

(more at link above)

Can someone tell me why we're bothering trying to blanket cities with protocols that were designed to be barely sufficient for LAN use, and make WANs with them (I'm speaking of 802.11b specifically here).
We have technologies with excellent access control, workable infrastructure, scaleability, and demonstratable utility, and people are still so hardheaded and naieve to think that the right thing to do is 802.11b+VoIP for wireless data and voice? Stupidity.

(end rant)